Will Somizi work with Unathi again?


Media personality Somizi Mhlongo has explained how he felt when his colleague Unathi Nkayi ‘cancelled’ him on the latest episode of his reality show which aired on Wednesday May 11. Will the couple ever work again?


Unathi Nkayi and Somizi Mhlongo were good friends. The duo worked together on Idols SA, both having seats on the show’s jury. However, their relationship became strained after Somizi’s husband Mohale Motaung accused him of physically and psychologically abusing him. This was via audio clips leaked by Sunday World.

Somizi thought everything was fine until Unathi “went public”. She posted that she will not allow people to listen to American singer R Kelly, who he has been convicted of sexual abuse, around her.

An Instagrammer called her out for having double standards because she is friends with DJ Fresh and Euphonik who have been accused of rape and Somizi, due to the abuse allegations made against him by her ex-husband Mohale Motaung. However, she said she was not friends with Somizi. She also dropped the media personality on Instagram.

“Who said they were my friends?” She replied and she unsubscribed from Somizi.

Somizi said he was shocked and disappointed by the latest episode of his reality show which aired on Wednesday, May 11. The media personality did not mention any names, but screenshots of Unathi were shown on screen for viewers to see who he was referring to.

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Somizi went on to say that he never wanted to talk to Unathi again and she shouldn’t even look in the same direction as her. So, will the couple work again one day? Well Somizi says he’s not one to take “bread” from someone but he’ll make it clear from the start that she shouldn’t even look at him.

“If I have to go work with her, in the same space as her. It’s not in my nature to say it’s me or someone else. I’m not going to take bread away from someone who feeds his children, his family and everything. I will make sure that my space and my peace are protected, one. I never want to talk to him again, I never want to talk to him again,” he said.

“I will be professional. Being professional doesn’t mean that when she says something I have to agree with her…but I’ll make it clear before I even start that this person should never even look at me,” he continued.

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