Watch: Ukrainians offer tea and food to a Russian soldier and help him talk to his mother


A heartwarming video of a group of Ukrainians feeding a Russian soldier and helping him call his mother in the midst of war has surfaced online. This video showing the Russian soldier sipping tea and eating a snack has gone viral. The group of Ukrainians are receiving huge praise on social media for showing compassion to the Russian soldier, who appears broken as he connects with his mother. A Ukrainian woman helps him calm down while a boy holds out another piece of dough for the soldier.

The soldier cries continuously. Unable to speak, he blows kisses to the camera.

“Remarkable video circulating on Telegram. The Ukrainians gave food and tea to a captured Russian soldier and called his mother to tell her he was fine. He bursts into tears. Compare the compassion shown here to the brutality of Putin,” said Christopher Miller, a reporter for BuzzFeed.

At the time of writing, the video has been viewed over 1.3 million times, and over 27,000 users have even liked it. He was also inundated with comments.

While one user wrote, “Compassion, hot tea and homemade cakes are the way to melt the cold hearts of the Russian high command,” another said that while it was “kindness,” it was “inappropriate to display prisoners of war on cameras”.

According to a translation provided by The US Sun, in the video, a man off-camera says, “These young men, it’s not their fault. They don’t know why they are here. They use old maps, they are lost.

Reports say Russian soldiers are in disarray, battling low morale as they are told to ‘shoot everyone’. According to reports, they also lack resources, including food and fuel. Lacking food, Russian soldiers would sabotage their own vehicles to avoid fighting. Ukraine, a former Soviet republic, and Russia share cultural ties and most Ukrainians speak Russian. And so they say they are not against the soldiers but against the Russian government. Offering food and tea shows that the bonds between peoples have not completely disappeared in the fog of war.


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