Kick off Women’s History Month with an unconventional virtual forum for women entrepreneurs, professionals and executives. Designed to revolutionize change from within, it’s a deliberate antithesis to the many vanilla forums that abound. The intention is to amplify the ability to ask, to be seen and to be heard. Registration at 12-2 p.m. EST. Free. The four components of change are:

  • Transformational speaker. Claudia San Pedro (President, Sonic, 2022 Restaurant Leader of the Year, Restaurant Business, 2020 Latina Executive of the Year, Latin style)
  • McKinsey & Co. Change Module for Remarkable Women. Presented by TED Speakers, Author, Founders/Leaders of this program Joanna Barch and Natacha Catalino
  • Men in change. Jose Andres (Founder/CEO of ThinkFoodGroup, Humanitarian World Central Kitchen), Danny Meyer (Founder/CEO Union Square Hospitality Group, Founder Shake Shack), André Zimmern (Host Bizarre Foods, What’s Eating America, Founder Passport Hospitality & Intuitive Content)
  • Meet the agents of change. Sarah Alter (President NextUp/Network of women executives), Therese Gearhart (President, Women’s Foodservice Forum), Deborah Mintcheff (President, The ladies of Escoffier International), Joanna James (Founder, MAPP), and Rohini Deydoctorate (Founder, Let’s Talk Womxn)



Let’s Talk Womxn in twelve cities hosts in-person and take-out gourmet feasts for 100-600 guests with panels of women restaurateurs, cocktail parties, DJs, dancing, and more. Celebrate each city’s restaurants, women owners and employers, and dine together. Dinners are in Chicago, Boston, Atlanta (3/7), Phoenix, philadelphia cream (3/28), Greater NY, Cincinnati, Kentucky/Lexington, Miami, Minneapolis, Houston, Milwaukee. Reservations are made at

“We’re tired of the March gender wash, the food cap and the dynamic of pandering to the privileged based on stardom conferred, PR clout, who knows who and on what board. Our goal is to fix this together,” says Rohini Dey, Ph.D., Founder Let’s Talk Womxn, Conservator Vermilion, formerly McKinsey & Co., formerly World Bank, Founder/Chair of the James Beard Foundation Women’s Leadership Program (2011-2021). “Rushing to visibly tick the inclusive, sustainable and diversity boxes based on the flavor of the month does not make a dent in parity. Make us women on your boards, get us involved in politics, get funds for women landlords, support women directly, and stop being the only advanced country with a spread tax for women.”


It is an action movement of over 600 women restaurateurs founded in mid-2020. He is now in 13 cities, through women food and beverage entrepreneurs, and nurtured by 2-4 co-hosted women restaurateurs in each city: Chicago, Seattle, Boston, Atlanta, Phoenix, philadelphia creamGreater NY, Cincinnati, Kentucky, Miami, Minneapolis, Houston, Milwaukee. Check out the town’s fearless co-hosts, unconventional creed and model B-cube at Everything Let’s Talk Womxn does is hidden by female owners to empower each other, combine strengths, collaborate and generate visibility as peers. They spoke across sectors, countries and companies to share this unique model of “collaboration by competitors” for the empowerment of women applicable to entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. Because it purposely has no bureaucracy or overhead, all support and revenue goes directly to its female business owners. Let’s Talk Womxn has been hailed in the Top 50 NRN Powers List in the months following the creation with national television segments on the Today Show, Good Morning America, WGN News Nation and more.

Let’s Talk Womxn is grateful for National Championship Sysco, National Supporter of the International Food Manufacturers Association, National Supporter of Toast and Ulta Beauty and Ally of the Town of Middleby. He is also grateful for the continued support of Destinations International and its City Visitor & Convention Bureaux, including Choose Chicago.


CHICAGO: Rohini Dey/Founder/Co-Host (Vermilion), Jodi Fyfe/Cohost (Eden/TPG), Mary Aregoni/Cohost (Saigon Sisters), Julia Shell (The Dandy Crown), Diana Davila (Mi Tocaya Antojeria), Yari Vargas (Casa Yari), Korina Sanchez (Moe’s Cantina), Deann Bayless (Frontera Grill), Laurence Noguier (Bistronomic), Tigist Reda (Demera), Dana Cri (pretty cool ice cream), Genie Kwon (Kasama), Kathy Hardy (Taste of Philippines), Mindy Gohr (Bittersweet), Maya-Camille Broussard (Justice des Pies), Ouzma Sharif (Uzma Chocolate), Ashley Ortiz (Antique Taco), Sam Rattanopas (NaKorn), Sarah Stegner (Prairie Grass Café), Tiffany Williams (Exquisite 501), Annie Xiang (Volition Tea), Sandra Holl (Floriole), Stephanie Hart (Brown Sugar Bakery), Daniela Recillas (Forastero), Geri Hernandez (Salty Crust)

BOSTON: Jen Ziskin/Co-host (La Morra), Tracy Chang/Cohost (PAGU), Nancy Cushman/Cohost (Bianca), Rachel Trudel (tinker), Cheryl Stratter (Sun), Kaitlyn Smith (Thistle & Leek), Rachel Sundet, Rachel Miller MunzerHeather Mojer (Mamaleh) Kathi Maino Turner (Turners Seafood), olive hunt (Relaxed Gourmet), Marc Joy (Highland Cuisine), Dimitra Murphy (Dad Jones), Seana Gaherin (Dunn-Gaherin), Sarah Wade (Still water), Rhonda Kalman (Boston Harbor Distillery), Brittany Lajoie (Rest of brewing), Rachel Trudel (tinker), Nancy Matheson Burns (Dole$Bailey)

CINCINNATI: Carla Challey/Cohost (Aladdin’s Eatery), Julia Petiprin/Cohost (Homemakers Bar), Joby Archer/Cohost (BrewRiver Creole Kitchen), Robin Hunsucker//Cohost (Keywines), Kathy O’Connell (Copper & Flame), Laura Bell (Laura’s Wholesome Delights), Andrea Siefring Robbins (UrbanStead Cheese), Kristen Bailey (BBQ Candy & Meat), Karen Blatte (The Symphony Hotel), Terri Graber (Tag’s Cafe), Chapline Haley (Sugarbaby Bakery), Sarah Berry & Kaeli Halliman (Birch & Flower Charcuterie), Kate Nycz (North South Baking Co), Bonnie Collins (Third Eye Brewing), Lynn Wambaugh (Firecracker Bakery), Lori Himmelsbach (The Kentucky Grindstone), Patricia Bitner (Essen Kitchen), Amy Ares (I like your desserts)

HOUSTON: Tracy Vaught/Cohost (City H), Alli Jarret/Cohost (Harold’s in the Heights), Sharon Haynes/Cohost (Taco to go), Anita Jaisinghani (Pondicheri), Claire Smith (Alice Blue), Sarah Johnson (Fat Cat Creamery), Janice Jucker (three brothers bakery), Keisha Griggs (Bocage, Ate Catering), Robin Berwick (Dual problem), Sarah Liberman (Dandelion Coffee), Alba Huerta (Julep), Stacey Roussel (All we need from the farm), sasha grumman (Sasha’s Foccacia), Shelley Eichenlaub (Eureka Heights), Mary Ellen (Angel Angel Share), Debbie Chen (House Sabu), Kiran Verma (Kiran’s)

MINNEAPOLIS: Kim Bartman/Cohost (Tiny Diner, Barbette), Jemetta Raspberry/Cohost (House of Gristle), Anne Andrus/Cohost (Honey and Rye), Molly Broder/Cohost (Cucina Italiana de Broders), Desta Klein (Merit), Susan Dunlop & Joan Schmitt (Joan is in the park), Anne Ahmad (Khaluna), Heather Jansz (Curry Diva), Christine Porte Drake (Willa’s kitchen), Linda Holcomb (Glueks Beer), Kat Duvic (Social Mixers), Tasya Kelen (Isadore Nut Company), Kathy Ehrmann Bohen (L’more Chocolate), Heidi Skoog (serous jam), Lisa Atkinson (Nosh & Gather)

PHILADELPHIA CREAM: Ellen Yin/co-host (High Street Hospitality Group), Jennifer Carroll/ Cohost (Spice Finch), Jill Weber/Cohost (Sojourn Hospitality), Amy Zitelman (Soom Foods), Tess Hart (triple bottom brewing), Monique Glass (Monique Glass), Stephanie Willis (everyone eats), Nicole Marquis (Hip City Vedge), Brigitte Foy (Brigitte Foy), Anne Karlen (Third Wheel Cheese), Jen Zavala (Juana Tamale), Nok Suntaranon (Kalaya), Judy Ni (Baology), Tova duPlessis (Essen), Sofia DeLeon (El Mercurey)

ATLANTE: Anne Quatrano/Cohost (Bacchanalia), Deborah Van Trece/Cohost (Twisted Soul), Rosa Thurnher/Cohost & Jarina Naone (El Ponce), ShaVonne McCants (Edible Endeavors), Julia Kesler Imerman (Daily Chew), Julia LeRoy (Produce & Produce), Amber West (Gathering Industries), Sarah Pierre (3 Parks Wine Shop), Colette Knight (Gud Gud Pudin ), Jennifer Booker (your resident foodie), Alisa Barry (Bella Kitchen), Maricela Vega (Chicco), Nathalie Keng (Global Hearth), Chinese Southern Belle), Josalyn Holmes (Royal teas), Melody Shemtov (The Daily ATL), Poorvi Chordia (Herbs and Kettles), Archna Becker (Tandoori Pizza & Wing Co.), Suzi Sheffield (Beautiful brackish sea)

MILWAUKEE: Jessie Ignatiev/ Cohost (MKE Legacy), Dana Spandet/ Cohost (Flour Girl & Flame), Marilupe Moreno/ Cohost (Modern Maki), Alexa Alfaro (Meat On The Street), Dominique Alvarado (Tostada MKE), Rosetta Bond (1700 Pullup), Jess Ludwig (Riley’s Sandwich), Brit (Happy Joy Candy Floss), Amanda (Charcuter-Me), (1700 PullUp), (Buddha love), (Hot Box Pizza), (Babies On The Street),

KENTUCKY: Ouita Michel/ Cohost (Holly Hill Restaurant Group), Renée Saunier Brewer (Wine and Market), Tiffany El Amin (Alfalfa), Sam Fore (Tuk Tuk Sri Lankan Bites), Tonya Mays Cronin (Kismet), Brie Golliher (The Pie Queen), Kristin Gilbert (Gelato Gilberto), Olivia Griffin (Riot Café), Martine Holzman (Martine’s Pastries), Paula Hunter (The Black Italian), Sherry Hurley (Farm to Fork Catering), Melissa Jackson (doodles), Debbie Long (Dudley’s Restaurant), Catherine MacDowall (Eat Naïve), Sky Marietta (Moonbow Tipple), Kristin Smith (The Wrigley Tap Room), Dawn Urrutia (georgia Sweet Potato Pie Company), Andrea Wells (Wells Made Company), Sara Wood (Girls, Girls, Girls Burritos)

GREATER NY: Barbara Sibley/Cohost (La Palapa), Maricel Presilla/Cohost (Gran Cacao Company), Maria Loi/Cohost (Loi Estiatorio), Amy Scherber (Amy’s bread), Naama Tamir (Lighthouse), Jill Jose (Suzume), Sophie (Bar Watermark)

PHOENIX: Charleen Badman/Co-host (FnB), Lori Hasler/ Co-host (La Maison Farish), Tracy Dempsey/ Co-host (Tracy Dempsey Originals), Jennifer Russo (Jennifer’s Market), Shannon Rush (The cave), Jennifer Carvi (The Joy Bus restaurant), Denise McCreery (Vine Gourmet), Sasha Raj (24 Carrots), Valentina Huerta (Nonna Urban Restaurant), Pat Jasmine (Distant Wine and Provisions), Lori Hashimoto (Hana Japanese Restaurant), Maya Bartlett (Maya’s Cajun Cuisine)

MIAMI: To be determined

CONTACT: Rohini Dey, Ph.D., Founder Vermilion & Let’s Talk Womxn, [email protected] 312-498-2340

SOURCE Vermilion & Let’s Talk Womxn


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