Venom Prison on Cathartic New Single Pain Of Oizys: “We don’t want to be boxed like a simple death metal band”



UK rising stars Venom Prison have unveiled their most stylistically adventurous song yet Pain of Oizys, the second single from their upcoming third album Erebos.

Do without the visceral brutality of death metal that has been the band’s bread and butter to this day, Pain of Oizys incorporates a sense of ambiance and emotional gravity thousands of miles from the post-hardcore atmosphere. Indicative of the huge stylistic changes the band promised for album # 3 (with the 2020s Primitive being a re-recording of the band’s first demo and EP, but with two additional tracks that hinted at their sonic development).

Fans of the sheer, mighty power of Venom Prison don’t have to worry too much, however; the track still claims a white-hot fury in its moments of rupture, transposing minimalism and piano keys against triumphant and shattering passages that suggest a slide into melodic death metal territory.

Hammer caught up with singer Larissa Stupar to delve into the meaning of the song and what it represents for the future of the UK’s most exciting (formerly?) death metal band.

“Pain of Oizys is about accepting both my depression and my PTSD, learning to live with who I am instead of letting it drag me to the darkest places, ”says singer Larissa Stupar. “It’s about respecting what I want to live with, instead of not wanting to live at all. It is about catharsis; about feeling empowered about who you are instead of trying to find yourself as someone different. If you can stay strong you can survive anything.

Watch the video below

Metal hammer line cut

Even with melody notes on Slayer of Holofernes, this new song is a huge stylistic change for Venom Prison. What does this mean to you and the direction you are taking?

“For us it’s a chance to be reborn in many ways. The fact that we were able to produce the album in a way that you could hear everything so clearly was a huge step forward for us. C ‘is a way of saying’ we are capable of these things’ and we are proud that people can see it now, much of which arose out of the chaos of the state of the world. “

What inspired the change?

“We never wanted every record to sound the same. It’s important for us to show our progress as a group and we thought that was the best way to show it, especially because we can be creative in so many different ways. Ben [Thomas, guitar] went to music school and can play a variety of instruments so we wanted to show a bit of what he could do more than we had in the past. We don’t want to be boxed like a simple death metal band. “

Are there any reservations about having a song so stylistically different in terms of fan reaction?

“Nothing! We are proud that he came out the way he did, showing that there is a different side to us beyond just being heavy and brutal, which is full of emotion and beauty.

Musically, it conjures up that image of an ocean, or a huge body of water where you float just above the surface – is that the effect you were looking for?

“It’s funny you say that!” When Ben and Ash [Gray, guitars] were listening to what they had written, they posted videos of ships going through huge storms. That’s what they thought about the vibe of the song and when I recorded my voice I did the same. You can kind of hear it in the song – especially with the line ‘I find peace in the roughest sea ‘. Pain of Oizys means so much to all of us – it’s personal to me, to Ben, to Ash and it’s been so amazing writing it together. ”

Has there been any difficulty concentrating on clear voices after screaming almost exclusively for so many years?

“Well, I don’t really consider myself to be someone who is a strong singer, especially when it comes to clear vocals. I was in backing vocals as a kid, but beyond that I didn’t do a lot of clear vocals. It was out of my comfort zone – far enough away, to be honest! But for me, being able to relate those lyrics to the way I sang and felt was really important and at one point I felt I needed to break down and cry so the guys stopped recording and came over to give me a hug. The next take we watched again and it was so rewarding to slowly familiarize myself with something that i’m not comfortable with. “

What does the title refer to?

“Oizys is a figure from Greek mythology, the goddess of pain, sorrow and misery. The title was very fitting – the whole album is based on Greek mythology and how it reflects today’s society. We’ve always tried to have some kind of story in our records and using religion or mythology tends to be an amazing way of doing it – especially working with something that’s been around for so long and that has meant something to thousands of people. years ago.

What’s the story with the clip?

“The video was again produced by Thomas Coe-Brooker and he wanted to describe the story we just talked about as it fits into the album. He wanted the impact of the sea, so he went out and filmed it with his wife. From our side we wanted to show that sometimes desperation can lead to something powerful and this is what you can see in the video: your inner demons are leading you somewhere, but instead of finding misery you find there empowerment.

Erebos is due on February 4th via Century Media



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