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What started as a banana bread recipe from an old church cookbook has grown into a tradition dear to David Watson’s family.

Watson, who lives in Jacksonville, Florida, said his paternal grandmother’s mother first made the recipe in the 1920s, after finding it in a cookbook compiled by Skycrest Baptist Church in Clearwater, Florida.

The best banana nut bread ever. Has been in our family for 4 generations. If you are planning on baking banana nut bread, I highly recommend trying this recipe. by r / Old_Recipes

“It says in the cookbook that the recipe was provided by someone named Karen Gardenhour,” said Watson, who shared her family’s banana bread recipe on the Old_Recipes subreddit, to TODAY Food. “The only difference between our family and the original is the addition of vanilla extract.”

“I remember the first time my mom got it from my Aunt Bonnie,” Watson continued. “She did it in Illinois, where my aunt lives, and then we took an Amtrak train back down to Florida and ate everything on the train ride. Since then, throughout my childhood, my mom did. And, my dad remembers his mom doing it quite often when he was a kid too. “

Made according to u / daviddwatsonn’s banana bread recipe, it’s soft, chewy, and extremely banana! The photo does not do it justice. Thanks for sharing, now this is my banana bread recipe from r / Old_Recipes

Watson said he shared the recipe on Reddit because he hadn’t seen a similar banana bread recipe shared among his fellow vintage recipe enthusiasts. The recipe was an instant hit, with many Redditors trying it out at home and sharing their own photos in the group.

“Many people around the world have baked bread in different types of molds, adding and removing various ingredients,” Watson said. “For example, some people have tried different extracts or added chocolate chips.”

“I have tried these changes,” added Watson, “but nothing can beat the original recipe.”

I decided to try the original recipe, and Watson gave me some very specific (and useful!) Tips before I jumped in.

One of Watson’s tips is to use a stick of salty, “room temperature, neither cold nor melted” cream butter and mix the dough well after adding each ingredient.

“I just use an ordinary wooden spoon,” he said. “Or just use whatever works best for you – I prefer to do everything manually.”

Another tip: To keep the nuts from sinking to the bottom of the dough, Watson suggested adding a tablespoon of flour to the chopped nuts and mixing before adding them to the bowl.

“This will then coat the nuts and hold them in place in the dough,” he explained.

I followed all of Watson’s careful instructions and was awarded the most delicious banana bread I have ever tasted. No exaggeration. Everyone in my house was obsessed with the sweet hazelnut bread, from my dog, who watched the whole process from the kitchen floor, to my 10 year old daughter, who ate two freshly baked slices and ate the whole process from the kitchen floor. proclaimed, “This is what I want my birthday cake to be this year!”

Watson said he was not surprised.

“So far I’ve heard that every time someone has done it, they loved it… and he, his family or his colleagues ate it all at a rapid pace,” a- he declared. “This recipe is amazing and I highly recommend everyone to try it once. I have never had banana bread like this before or since.”

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