This Popular Steakhouse Chain Just Improved Their Beloved Bread Recipe


For meat lovers, it’s hard to imagine what could be better than a half-pound steak burger, right? Well, a beloved steakhouse chain just upgraded their bread game to make their burgers even more appetizing. Here’s what’s on for at a truck stop with 136 locations in 23 states.

Southern steakhouse chain Logan’s Roadhouse says their yeast buns have become an icon of the brand since the chain’s inception in 1991. Now Logan’s has announced it is introducing buns made from the legendary Yeast Buns recipe, which they say will bring “the same delicious flavor and taste in every bite” of their half-pound burgers and steak sandwiches.

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What inspired this boost to their bread? “At Logan’s, we listen to our customers’ feedback and we respond with unique creations that we know they’ll love,” said Lewis Campbell, senior vice president of operations for Logan’s Roadhouse. “We know our buns are an essential part of the Roadhouse experience, and we wanted to find a way to use them to enhance our everyday menu offerings. This new innovation for our half-pound burgers and steak sandwiches … is just another example of Logan’s commitment to providing the best customer experience possible. “


Some food bloggers have attempted to copy recipes for Logan’s buns with ingredients ranging from honey and butter to powdered milk and dry yeast. Either way, discussions online suggest that for many Logan fans, the Roadhouse rollers are the real reason many customers patronize the brand.

While a hot, sweet bun around one of Logan’s three half-pound burgers or the five Roadhouse sandwiches looks quite exceptional, keep in mind that a single Logan bun with clocks butter contains about 200 calories. (Read more about Logan’s Roadhouse Yeast Buns with Butter in 8 Iconic Restaurant Breads & Biscuits, sorted by nutrition.) This adds about 25% more calories to Logan’s Roadhouse burgers and sandwiches, which on average contain over 800 calories each (minus the 359- Mesquite Grilled Chicken Sandwich).

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