The creators of Solar Opposites talk about what’s in store for Season 4


Saying there are spoilers for a show like solar opposites it’s like needing a spoiler warning for looney tunes; this is a show where the main characters once murdered each other, reincarnated as trees, and then split back into their normal alien selves. Anyway, season three of solar opposites has some of the biggest moments in the series so far, with major (and indeed permanent) character deaths and dramatic shifts in emotional arcs.

Perhaps the biggest surprise of season 3 comes at the end of episode 11 (Pupa’s Fog), the final of this year. As once in a lifetime by Talking Heads plays out (in a wonderful needle drop for show), the solar opposites gang decides to have a “normal” life, wanting to be a real family to support and raise the Pupa. “From now on, we have to change our habits,” says Korvo. “So no more great sci-fi stuff?” asks Yumyulack. “No, I think we need to remove everything from our lives that makes us a special and unique family. We need to refine our situation so that it’s acceptable to a larger, more corporately approved audience, I mean , the Pupa.”


Solar Opposites turns into an office in season 4

The finale then initiates a time jump, and six months later, Yumyulack and Jesse go to school without any gadgets or sci-fi adventures, and Terry and Korvo have a monotonous and overwhelming office job, but the Pupa is happy. “I love you guys,” he said, “and I love Moana.” Fans ask what this means for solar opposites to advance; will he take this development and scrap it completely to go back to “great sci-fi stuff”, or will he actually follow this storyline? When MovieWeb spoke with Mike McMahan and Josh Brycel, co-creators and producers of the series, they strongly suggested pursuing this new development.

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“When we start season four, it’s become a desktop show,” McMahan says, “and it’s definitely a more direct desktop show. But don’t worry, because Terry and Korvo can’t engage. to do things right.” McMahan continues:

It resolves. Not in the first episode [though], and it takes a minute, but we really wanted to end the season by saying, “Hey, guess what? Next season is like The Office!” Just change the dynamic a bit. Little Buddy is still there, like, it’s things you don’t expect and things you don’t get in a linear network animated show are our bread and butter.

Hulu gives solar opposites the freedom to change with seasons 3 and 4

Let it become a workplace comedy like Office or something even more pessimistic to match the melancholy of the finale, it will be wonderful either way. It’s definitely a change in tone and content for solar opposites. “One of the great things about our show is that we like to do things that nobody asked for,” Brycel says, and the freedom of being on a streaming service has allowed them to experience things like this one. “Hulu is amazing. They’re the best partner. I mean, we make fun of them all the time, we constantly bring stuff to them and think they’re definitely going to say no, and they’re not saying no. That’s is an amazing partner, and they rarely said no to anything unless we’re laughing at star wars Things.”

“Yeah, Disney doesn’t like being made fun of by Disney IP,” laughs McMahan. “The way Hulu says yes to stuff is like when my kid says, ‘I’m going to do something stupid’ and I’m like, ‘Okay. You have to learn, I guess. Hulu said yes to a lot of things in season three, which features a new show within the show with Silvercops (which audiences will see much more of in season four) and continues to experience The Wall’s brilliant dramatic storytelling.

Season four is nearly written but, as McMahan says, “we need a year to animate it,” so don’t expect those surprises and changes for another year. In the meantime, the third season of solar opposites is now streaming on Hulu.


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