Talks must end now – DailyNews


WE have just passed the first quarter of 2022 and many can agree that it has been a turbulent term in all areas – economics and politics.

The main damaging development is the ongoing political crisis which for decades has stagnated the country’s economy as politicians lose sight of development issues.

There has been talk for too long of an inclusive dialogue to resolve the country’s battery of challenges, and nothing seems to materialize.

No one can guess why the talks are failing given that the country’s main political parties – Zanu PF, Citizens Coalition for Change and the MDC – are in agreement with the talks. The same goes for churches and civil society.

Many people hope that as we enter the second quarter of the year and after the country has successfully passed legislative and municipal elections, politicians would see the value of urgent dialogue ahead of the harmonized polls in 2023.

This discourse of talks should now come to an end, with the kick-off of the dialogue. We need more action now!

Our politicians need to focus more on development issues and breathe life into the country’s industries and pursue social development.

According to the Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries, capacity utilization levels stand at just over 60%. Capacity utilization still needs to be increased.

This means politicians need to focus more on bread and butter issues to get our industries and Zimbabwe working again.

If we increase production, jobs will be created and the well-being of the general population will improve.

Political cacophony should not be allowed to stop national development.

We also challenge the ruling Zanu PF and government to focus on implementing National Development Strategy 1 rather than the usual talk of politicians at rallies.

It is painful to see the abundant resources the country possesses and compare them to the livelihood of the common man in the street.

We hope that the gospel of resource development will be practiced on the ground and that Zimbabweans will enjoy the fruits of their natural resources.

Statistics show that Zimbabwe has 27.5% of the world’s diamonds, we are second in platinum reserves, we have unquantified amounts of gold, chrome and coal and there is no reason why skilled workers flee to other countries to do menial work.

We strive for people-centred policies and avoid unnecessary sycophancy and political fights.


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