Small bread store rises occasionally when needed



Jenny Carter has no plans to move to a larger space in Raglan Township.

Cozy or just plain claustrophobic?

A Raglan bread store renowned for its tasty sourdough breads is nothing but a minute.

The “little, tiny” Ruapuke Artisan Bread store on Main Street in Waikato Township occupies a floor space of only 2.4 square meters.

At its widest point, Jenny Carter’s premises are no more than a bed, and a large dog would find it difficult to turn around in its approximate confined dimensions of 1.2m² by 2m².

The 57-year-old has been selling her homemade goods for three years at the Hole in the Wall Shop, which she rents at a cheap but undisclosed price.

“I’m a pretty busty woman and take pretty much the entire store,” she says.

“Raglan is a pretty funky place and I think it suits Raglan quite well.”

The Weekend messenger reported on central Auckland gelato store Lalele which has just started trading from a 4m² “broom closet” at 350 Queen Street. a toilet “, poured in.

Ms Carter said her pint-sized business was a topic of discussion among locals and visitors often stopped to take photos.

While you could squeeze a second person into the store, they were fortunately a one-woman group and had no intention of expanding into a larger space.

“Sometimes we get so bothered to think big and flash, but we don’t really need to.”

Sandwiched in an old alleyway between Trade Aid and Frocking Gorgeous, the store was once a cart delivery point for a former greengrocer.

It was then used as a storage area before Mrs. Carter spied on him as she was selling bread on the trail and thought to herself, “Damn, I could be sitting there nice and warm.”

The company was born out of necessity, after Ms. Carter was fired from a previous job.

“There is no job in Raglan, not at my age. So I decided one day ‘I’m going to bake sourdough bread.”

The Herald has been alerted to other small shops around Auckland’s CBD after Saturday’s story.

These include La Boulange at 32 rue Lorne, a “micro café” selling espresso coffee and French bakery goodies in a space similar in size to the Raglan bakery.

Hot fries specialist Dip It will soon be opening its doors in an even smaller space at the corner of Queen and Rutland streets.



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