Pita bread store interior by Studio Roslyn based on bad food photography



Shapes borrowed from Middle Eastern architecture and the colors of the photographs of oversaturated dishes found on the menus informed the interior of this quick and laid-back Lebanese restaurant in Victoria, Canada.

Vancouver duo Studio Roslyn based the design of Superbaba over quick service restaurants found across the Middle East, but add their own “quirky” touch to the typology while working on a tight budget.

Superbaba by Studio Roslyn

The family stories of the four owners, the “grungy” signage and the menus with brightly colored photos showing the dishes on offer were all starting points for the project.

“Our goal was to marry these sources of inspiration into a clever space that would be both intriguing and inviting,” said Roslyn Studio founders Kate Snyder and Jessica MacDonald. “Creating a comfortable and intriguing space that was both functional proved to be an interesting challenge.”

Superbaba by Studio Roslyn

The layout of the compact space – located in the inner city of the city – is concentrated around the service area.

Placed under a lowered portion of the ceiling with a curved facade, this employee-only area is bounded by a speckled quartzite counter that sits on blue-fronted cabinets.

Superbaba by Studio Roslyn

Signs showing food and drink options are displayed above a hole leading to the kitchen, through which meals are passed.

Arched forms borrowed from Middle Eastern architecture form balustrades to separate those who order and eat.

Superbaba by Studio Roslyn

The arched shapes echo the murals painted with blocks of light blue and forest green, while the hallway at the back of the house is painted entirely in a trendy pale pink.

The artwork on the walls was created by photographing Superbaba’s dishes, then pasting and distorting the images.

Superbaba by Studio Roslyn

“This is where we had a lot of fun referring to the oversaturated (and seemingly unflattering) food photography seen in most Donair stores,” Studio Roslyn said.

Globe shaped pendants Viso lighting help illuminate the space, as well as neon signs and light boxes that also refer to fast food restaurants in Lebanon.

Superbaba by Studio Roslyn

“We believe that one of the successes of this project is that it elevates and pushes the expectations of quick and casual service restaurants,” the studio said.

The photograph is by Lauren D Zbarsky.

Project credits:

Interior fittings: Studio Roslyn
Project Team: Kate Snyder and Jessica MacDonald
Brand and graphic design: Superbaba internal design team



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