Pallavi Joshi explains why Bollywood took 32 years to talk about the genocide of Kashmiri pundits


Interview with Pallavi Joshi on The Kashmir Files: Actor Pallavi Joshi is very clear about what won audiences over when it comes to Kashmir Records. The actor, who plays a central role in the film directed by her husband Vivek Agnihotri, spoke to about the story that needed to be told and why Bollywood took 32 years to tell ‘the truth about the Kashmiri pundits “.ALSO READ – Ajay Devgn on true stories like the Kashmir Files: Sometimes the truth is so unbelievable that you…

The Kashmir Files shows the 1990 Kashmir Pandit Genocide and comments on the political climate in the valley. On its second Tuesday, the film crossed Rs 180 crore net at the Box Office and continues to set many records. The film’s success is unprecedented and pallavi says it’s not just an ‘entertaining’ movie, but it’s something that will force people to think and provide a different account of the incident which is hardly known to people outside of Delhi or Kashmir. ALSO READ – Aamir Khan’s big statement on Kashmir files: ‘Jo Kashmiri Panditon Ke Sath Hua Hai…’

When asked why the industry has taken 32 years to tell the story of a genocide that happened not so long ago, Pallavi replied: “It’s a reality that we don’t never came to mind. It was suppressed by politics, the media, the system of times gone by. It wasn’t just suppressed to the level where they managed to find the voice later… they just never got a voice. For the past 30 years, their story has not traveled beyond India. I don’t think he traveled beyond Jammu or Delhi. When we first heard the story, my total reaction was complete disbelief. Also Read – Anupam Kher is not the only Kashmiri Pandit in Kashmiri Files, Meet Bhasha Sumbli – Exclusive Interview

She added: “I just refused to believe that something like this happened in my country and I don’t know because I’m very proud to call myself a conscious citizen. I know what is happening in the country. How could something so brutal escape my notice? It wasn’t until the research started coming in that I realized “no, that’s my shortcoming”. I never learned that. There was this huge feeling of guilt when we started listening to the tragedy. At the same time, there was a great sense of betrayal.

The actress said she was appalled to learn the brutal truth from the community and felt truly motivated to bring this story to the screen when she finally learned and researched it. “When we realized the gravity of what the Kashmiri Pandit community went through, we realized that this was not the story of a community driven out of the valley. It was a story of genocide and it had to be told. Our country has faced genocide, not in years past, not in the pages of history. It happened while we were living. I was a young woman on my feet, earning my bread and butter, and I didn’t know it. How awful,” she said. Watch the full interview here:

The Kashmir Files is appreciated for both its performance and its history. also spoke to its other cast members – Darshan Kumar and Bhasha Sumbli. Watch this space for their interview!


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