Olive bread recipe: a simple but tasty bread recipe


What’s not to love about bread? They’re sweet, delicious, and versatile and go well with most things. You can have it in a sandwich, with pasta, with soups, use it in a dessert and even have it as is. And it’s even better if this bread is homemade! Imagine biting into the delicious, warm, feathery bread you just pulled out of your oven; you can hear the crust of the crust when you bite it. It is truly gratifying to know that the results of your work could be so amazing.

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Last year when the pandemic hit we had to stay home every day and found more innovative ways to spend time. We started making things we loved, and baking was obviously one of them. The pastry is fascinating; it’s always fun to experiment with different textures and tastes and see what the end results look like. And it goes without saying that the more you do it, the better you get at it. It doesn’t matter if you’re an elder or baking your very first bread, all that matters is that you have fun. One of the easiest breads to make is olive bread and if you want to learn how to cook only one thing in your life, then this is it! Extremely easy, requires minimal ingredients and effort and is loved by all, presenting in front of you, bread with olives.

Olives and olive oil have become a big part of our diet

How To Make Oilve Bread | Oil bread recipe

Olive bread only requires 4 main ingredients, olives obviously being the first. You don’t have to be a fancy baker or anything, just the normal ingredients, a little effort and your olive bread is ready. You can use green or black pitted olives, depending on your preference or even both if you like it that way. Chop the olives and keep them aside, in a bowl combine all the dry ingredients, in another smaller bowl add lukewarm water and yeast and leave to act for 10 minutes. Mix the dry and wet ingredients, add the chopped olives and knead your dough with light hands. Pour a good amount of olive oil on top and let sit for 20-60 minutes and put it in the oven! Once cooked, take it out, let it cool and it’s ready to feast! Apply butter and toast, dip it in olive oil or make tasty sandwiches – the choice is yours! Click here for the detailed recipe.

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We personally love toast our olive bread in garlic butter, but we are open to suggestions. Let us know how you enjoy your bread in the comments below.


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