Masala bread recipe: a quick bread-based snack for a delicious breakfast


Love it or hate it, a slice of bread is the first thing that comes to mind when looking for a no-frills breakfast. In addition, the versatility of the humble slice of bread is such that it ranges from a loaded club sandwich to a simple toast; these can fill you up for the day in a myriad of ways. And it doesn’t stop at breakfast; you can put a loaf of bread in any meal you like. Pair it with creamy pasta for dinner or make a bread pakoda for chai time – you can devour it all day long. So, to add to the list of quick and delicious bread recipes that will save you time and effort in the morning, here is a quick masaledaar bread dish that you should definitely try. It is called – Masala bread.

Bread is a versatile breakfast option

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If you’re like us, we’re sure you like a delicious breakfast to start your day. But, having neither the time nor the energy to sweat in the kitchen, we settle for a simple slice of bread. However, if you are bored with these options and want to spruce up your breakfast menu without wasting all your time and energy, this masala bread is for you! Masala bread has a recipe that is as easy and quick as it gets! No additional chopping or peeling, just mix in the masala and add chunks of toast to the mixture. Once well coated, remove from heat and nibble! This is how easy it is to make masala bread for a quick breakfast or an evening snack.

How to make masala bread l masala bread recipe:

Toast the bread and roughly chop it and set aside. Grind a smooth masala of ginger-garlic, onions, tomatoes and peppers. In a frying pan, heat some oil and cook this masala. Incorporate the pieces of toast and mix well. Remove from the heat, garnish with fresh cilantro and nibble.

Tip: toast the bread only after preparing the masala. This will ensure a slightly crunchy and much more delicious dish.

Click here for the detailed masala bread recipe.

Try this quick bread recipe today, let us know how it’s done, in the comments below.


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