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INDIANAPOLIS — An Indianapolis teacher got an extra surprise in her cafe Monday morning. Ants.

Angela Covell-Tipton went to Panera Bread on N. Keystone Avenue in the Glendale shopping district. She said the Panera employee first handed her a black coffee, which was the wrong order. She told the employee that she had ordered cream and sugar and that the employee could just give her the cream and sugar. The employee allegedly told him no and that they would fix the problem.

She then received a new cup of coffee with cream and sugar. Covell-Tipton suspects that the ants may have been in the container of the cream.

Unfortunately, she didn’t notice the ants until she got to work.

“One of the ants appeared to be alive because it swam to the top of the cup,” Covell-Tipton said. She said the regional manager contacted her and went to the store to check the machines. He said they had been “thoroughly cleaned”.

Covell-Tipton also returned to the store as one of her former students works there. “She’s been there for years, I thought I’d talk to her, which I did, and she got the manager who gave me my money back, but the floor was dirty, it was disgusting.”

After posting the situation on its Facebook page, the Panera Bread account left a comment that read, “This is a concern we take seriously and would like to ensure this is resolved immediately. Would you be willing to share your order details in a PM so we can assist you? »

We contacted the Marion County Health Department for an answer. Their food safety team sent an inspector the same day. They said: “The ants were not observed at the time of inspection but were noted in previous pest control records.”

Here is the full food inspection report obtained by FOX59 detailing the status of the violations:

The regional manager contacted Covell-Tipton saying the following:

“I heard about your experience and wanted to connect and personally apologize. I am now coming to the cafe and have taken immediate action.

After seeing his contact with Covell-Tipton, we contacted him and he asked us to contact the company.

Panera Bread corporate sent us the following message:

“Food safety and cleanliness is always a top priority at Panera. This isolated incident was immediately addressed and we received full clearance from our local health department.


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