How to Avoid the 12 Christmas Pounds – FIT Talk With Tania


The twelve Christmas books

(Sung to the tune of Twelve Days of Christmas)

Oh, the first Christmas book was easy to ignore… ..

(And) It all started with a box of Lindor.

The second Christmas book, a bloated stomach… ..

Fast food during Christmas shopping …

The third Christmas book sneaked in on me …

Eggnog and cookies …

The fourth Christmas book came with the butter tarts….

I should never start!

The fifth Christmas book appeared overnight….

Ouch! My pants are tight!

Baking shortbread cookies, how much can they make you fat?

Butter added six pounds… ..

Staff parties are in full swing, so plan to have some food and some fun….

Seven books already this year….

The neighbors came to call and brought joy with them….

Can eight pounds come from beer?

The thermometer drops, but the scale indicates nine more pounds …

Make this “light whisk” latte …

Now is the time to prune the tree and decorate the house… ..

Those 10 extra pounds make it a workout….

The season is not complete without fruit cake and minced meat….

11 pounds in my seat!

After the turkey and the fixin you will be more drunk than the bird….

12 more pounds this Christmas, what nonsense!

It’s fun to play like that and change the words to Twelve Days of Christmas, but for some people, it’s not that far off from what actually happens during the Christmas season.

Here are five last-minute tips and strategies to help you get through the holidays without gaining weight this year.

1. As much as possible, stick to your regular meal schedule by eating protein, fat, and carbohydrates every three hours. A meal won’t do or destroy your results, it’s what you do consistently during and around that meal that determines it.

2. Bring some healthy snacks with you: Protein bars, a shake and shake mix, unsalted nuts and a tangerine are just a few of the things I never leave home over Christmas time.

3. Never arrive hungry. Having a small, balanced snack before heading to a dinner party or party will ensure you choose what you want to put in your mouth rather than the mindless snacking that happens when your blood sugar drops. FYI, restricting food all day and “saving space” for that big dinner is actually worse and will cause your body to burn muscle and store even more fat than sticking to the plan all day then to simply indulge in one meal.

4. Drink alcohol with food. Alcohol is a carbohydrate. Think of this glass of wine as a piece of bread. When carbohydrates are eaten alone, blood sugar spikes and fats are stored. In order to minimize this spike and carnage, it is best to savor that glass of wine with dinner. Or at least a small handful of nuts.

5. Stay hydrated. Not only will the water help flush out any bloating that might have been accumulated by the extra sugar, salt, and alcohol, it will also help you feel better the next day if you overdo it the night before.

Even with only a week to go to Christmas, it’s never too late to make a difference. Plan your meal off plan and be selective when indulging yourself. And then enjoy it without guilt.

Studies show that those who plan their special occasions tend to make much better choices in the days leading up to them.

And those who choose to indulge in only their favorite treats tend to enjoy them guilt-free and are generally happy with smaller portions, while those who indulge haphazardly just because it’s Christmas and treats are available, tend to report less pleasure and more guilt. It’s a sure-fire recipe for living the Twelve Books of Christmas. Something neither of us want to wear in the New Year.

For tips, take out, and healthy treat options on how to avoid weight gain this holiday season and thrive until Christmas, join the 8 Weeks group, that’s all there is to it. must on Facebook today.


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