“Historic structures like this add to the charm of our city” – Chicago Tribune


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just look

We must fight to save the historic Sheridan Road wall. Historic structures like this add to the charm of our town. But the powers that be in Waukegan never cared about charm. This wall is even located in the historic district of Waukegan. Even the toothless historical society and historical commission seem to have bought into this travesty. The fact is that it will cost more to tear down the wall than to fix it. Someone is going to benefit, and it won’t be you or me. Oh, we’ll give away free bricks? Throw people a bone so they don’t complain. Look, first they’ll just tear down the wall. Then, in a year or two, they’ll tear down the entire Lincoln Center building.

Basic ed drivers

I would like to say kudos to whoever wrote “How to enter a circle” in TOTC. It’s spot on. Whoever said there was no need to stop at a surrender sign is a moron. Yield means you slow down. If it’s clear, you go. If someone is coming, you stop. Yield doesn’t mean you can cut in front of someone. These are the basic pilots I learned in high school.

leave it vacant

Imagine a rental ad like this: “Spectacular views of the lake, underground parking, guards at the front door for your security, the rent is a third of your income or, if you don’t work, it’s free. Do not worry about repairs, the owner must repair all your damage at his expense.” It’s not a fantasy, it’s the situation at Lakeside Towers in Waukegan. This building has been a blight on the city since its construction. No downtown activity is safe from residents, and the police have everything they can handle with residents getting out of control. I suggested to an alderman that the city demolish the building and he said, “What are we going to do with all the concrete? The problem is not the building, it’s the people who live there. If the city can’t tear it down, leave it vacant and the city will be a much better place.

Show some love

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I just read that there was another gunshot victim, this time an 18-year-old in North Chicago. As usual, the press release reads, “Anyone with information is asked to contact the North Chicago Police Department or leave an anonymous tip to Lake County Crime Stoppers.” Unfortunately, even if more than a few people must know who committed this heinous act, they will not speak. Why is this continued slaughter of mostly African-American and Hispanic young men tolerated? If you know who the abuser is but are afraid to come forward, at least call the anonymous hotline. Show some love for your community.

be fun

Most children and people who are always joking, clumsy and silly – including many comedians – have been bullied. If you can’t hide and cry, be funny. They could just laugh and stop hurting us.

Total distribution of civilized society

Can you believe the cretins of Springfield passed a bill that allows criminals who have committed crimes by force not to be detained until trial. It’s insane. These criminals will continue to prey on more victims when they are released. It is a total collapse of civilized society. Every moron who voted for this monstrosity is to be removed from office in November.

just a circus

For a village that supposedly takes pride in its retail businesses, Mayor Hood of Gurnee can’t even get the sign in front of Panera Bread fixed after seven months. Just a circus for an administration.


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