Funny Homemade Bread Recipe Twitter Story



The holidays make many of us especially nostalgic for family recipes: a grandma’s secret turkey stuffing, a great aunt’s delicious gingerbread cookies or a mother’s beloved homemade bread. Krista Ball was craving this, so she called her mom in Newfoundland to get the recipe so she could make a batch herself.

Silly Krista must have forgotten that her mother, like most mothers and grandmothers, doesn’t follow a recipe. That is, unless you define a recipe as a 45 minute conversation where you end up with a list of less than half of the ingredients needed, no actual instructions, and two tangents unrelated to cooking. from another family member.

The following is a completely unexaggerated transcript of Krista’s phone call, which proves that it is going to take a lot of patience and even more trial and error for our generation to keep these traditional family recipes in place. walk :

The fifth time, is it the charm? No, it’s never that.

Can’t measure? Just pour it into your hand and be done already!

How many “daddy likes glass cups” in an ounce, do you think?

Like, seriously, Krista’s mom doesn’t have time to explain to Krista how the ovens work.

If Krista manages to bake homemade bread, even from afar, reminiscent of her mother’s, for the sake of the next generation, we hope she will write it down. (And let us know if it was one or three packets of yeast.)

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