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Creating a delicious side bread is easy using this easy naan bread recipe made from a chilled bread dough technique.

Easy naan bread recipe

“Naan has become my family’s favorite bread to make while camping in the woods. All we need is a 12 inch cast iron skillet on our heavy duty Coleman skillet to have freshly baked bread. We always attract crowds of curious campers drawn by the aroma wafting through the wood smoke. —Jeff

This delicious, buttery Indian flatbread is traditionally made in a huge cylindrical clay tandoori oven, with the moist dough slapped directly onto the hot oven walls. Our naan is cooked in a hot cast iron skillet or heavy non-stick skillet. Butter or oil will work in place of Indian clarified butter (ghee), but the taste won’t be as authentic. You can find ghee in South Asian or Middle Eastern markets.

This recipe also has the distinction of producing our fastest bread, since it is made on the stove without preheating the oven, and it is not necessary to let the dough rest. You can easily make one right before dinner, even on busy nights (as long as you have the dough in the fridge).

1/4 pound (peach-sized portion) pre-mixed dough ball
1 tablespoon ghee (commercial or homemade), or neutral-flavored oil or butter


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