Coffee Canned Sweet Potato Bread Recipe Makes an Adorable Round Bread


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You never really know what’s going to go viral on TikTok, from makeup hacks to new dance moves. A comforting Food blogger Carlena Davis’ cooking video has struck a chord with fans thanks to the story behind her coffee-canned sweet potato bread.

In the video, which has so far garnered over 1.8 million views and 330,000 likes, Davis describes one of her family’s favorite holiday treats. She says this recipe is her version of the original treat that came from a former employee of her parents, Miss Ramona, who made and delivered the bread every year as a holiday gift.

In a unique twist, the Yam bread baked in a redevelopment Coffee can – and does come in the form of an adorable cylindrical loaf!

Check it out:


This recipe is part of my new holiday collection. Link in bio to access it. #spillingthesweettea #paindepatatedouce #southern cuisine #foodtiktoker

â??¬ original sound – Spilling the sweet tea

Indeed, it’s about the perfect size and shape to make a lovely gift. And the sweet story that goes with it creates the perfect package.

Meanwhile, a writer in Kitchen decided to try the bread. Nathan Hutsenpiller admits he has ‘little to no experience’ with baking, but still produced a tasty bread no problem.

“It feels good to recycle an old Coffee can, plus you get the bonus of being able to eat delicious fresh bread at the same time,” he wrote.

Hutsenpiller also has some key bread tips. Most importantly, the coffee can should be metal, not plastic – Hutsenpiller and Davis recommend Coffee of the world cans. (Cafe Bustelo also works.)


Once the bread cooked and cooled, you will need to carefully remove it from the box and place it on a plate. For this, Hutsenpiller recommends removing the small rim of the box with a can opener before cooking.

From there, just spread a pat of butter on a slice and take that first bite of heaven.

Find the complete recipe on the Davis website, Spill the sweet tea. For $5.95 you can access this recipeplus one the whole selection Davis’ classic Southern holiday recipes including crab-stuffed cheddar cookies, prime rib, chocolate cake and red velvet waffles. It would be a bargain at twice the price!

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