Butterball kicks off turkey conversation line for Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving shouldn’t be a stressful time of the year, but preparing the perfect meal for family and friends is very stressful. Whether you are tasked with bringing a side dish or have been tasked with preparing the entire meal, Butterball is here for you. The company is launching a Turkey Chat Line to answer all of your turkey day food questions.

Butterball’s Turkey Chat Line will go live for its 40th season on November 1. Novice and professional cooks can call, text, tweet, or ask their Amazon Alexa for turkey tips and tricks, side dish suggestions, and more. Butterball’s Turkey Talk-Line is run by experts who know a thing or two about cooking a bird and have spent the off season perfecting viral recipes that are sure to wow your guests.

Company experts share their recipes and methods on TikTok, so you can get a taste of what it would take to whip up one of these sides. Butterball conducted a survey that found that 83% of people found social media ideal for recipe inspiration, so they work with it. The hope is that cooking newbies and longtime cooks will come to Thanksgiving with the confidence to try something new.

“While home cooks are thrilled for the holidays, more than a third of first-time Thanksgiving hosts said they were not confident in their hosting abilities,” said Rebecca Welch, senior brand manager of seasonal operations. at Butterball. “Thanks to the Butterball Taste Kitchen, our Talk-Line experts are able to engage with this new generation of hosts on social media and inspire them to try something new and exciting, while giving them confidence. which they need to be successful. That way they can spend less time worrying about cooking and more time enjoying the special moments of the vacation. “

Butterball experts have given their approval to four creative recipes touring online. This is a big deal considering some of the questionable cooking videos that are floating around the web. Approved recipes include:

  • The Ultimate Leftover Waffle Sandwich: IIt’s a new take on leftovers that combines all the goodness of Thanksgiving dinner in a waffle sandwich. As a bonus, the waffle is made with stuffing.
  • The Thanksgiving roll-up: Whether you’re cooking for Friendsgiving or serving your family on Thanksgiving Day, this roll up is a great appetizer option. It combines cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, Brussels sprouts and seasoned turkey breast in a tasty air-fried flavor bomb.
  • Pickled pickled turkey: Serve something unlike anything your guests have ever tasted by brining your turkey in dill pickle brine. Not only will your bird be juicy and tender, but it will also taste great.
  • The spiced turkey: If you prefer a little kick, you can consider this turkey brine, which uses chipotle chili powder and smoked paprika for heat.

You can find these recipes and more at Butterball.com or by following Butterball on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. The conversation line opens on November 1, so you can call for more inspiration or just to ask your burning turkey dinner questions.


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