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Euronews’ Brussels office brings you the second episode of a new talk show that breaks down European news and politics to make it more accessible to viewers.

This week, we discussed important topics driving conversation in Europe, from general strikes taking place across the continent to images of migrants stranded on European shores.

The second episode of the show featured panelists Michiel Hoogeveen, a Dutch MEP from the European Conservatives and Reformists group in the European Parliament; Pedro Marques, a Portuguese MEP who is vice-president of the Socialists and Democrats in parliament; and Elizabeth Kuiper, associate director at the European Policy Centre, an independent think tank in Brussels.

The new program was hosted by Euronews’ European affairs correspondent, Méabh Mc Mahon.

Watch the video above to see our new Euronews Brussels talk show, my love?

Winter of discontent – ​​is a European solution possible?

The talk show opened with an overview of the wave of industrial action and strikes across the continent this week.

With a rise in the price of bread in Belgium of almost 14%, 66.7% in Hungary and 22% in Greece where many earn less than 1000€ per month, people are worried and this affects people of all horizons.

“It’s not just a small group of vulnerable people who are suffering. It’s also really the middle class,” said Elizabeth Kuiper of the European Policy Centre, adding that there is money available in post-funds. -COVID-19 pandemic, and that a lot of the money has not been spent and should be.

Hoogeveen said, however, that if you start spending, it’s like putting gasoline on the fire.

“You have to get rid of inflation first,” he said.

Next week lorry drivers in Spain are calling for a strike – their latest move has led to disrupted supply chains and empty supermarket shelves.


Panelists also discussed the EU migration pact, but countries remain very divided on the subject.

It comes after the Italian government initially refused entry to migrants rescued in the Mediterranean this week.

The crisis has prompted the European Commission to say that refugees on board the Ocean Viking ship must be allowed to ‘disembark immediately’ – an unusual move for the EU executive as immigration decisions are a national matter .

The migration problem is one of the biggest problems that the European Union has failed to tackle, according to Hoogeveen.

Socialist MEP Pedro Marques meanwhile said that when he sees the images of migrants trying to reach EU shores this week, he feels the European project is failing.

“These people are refugee claimants. At least they should be given the right to apply.

“I mean, this idea that we should leave them (outside) the border or at sea or in these kinds of asylum centers, waiting and waiting so that they can’t go home to say, come on, come on in Europe. I mean, it’s inhumane,” he said.

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