Blog: Let’s talk Turkey (21/11/22)


There arose a frosty morning
In the fall of the year When all the crops had been harvested And the air was cool and clear. The pilgrims all got up early
To lend a hand
And lay a festive table
With the bounty of the earth. Soon the farmers of the harvest And the hunter of the woods Brought the pumpkins and the turkeys And the ripe fruit they could. So the pilgrims paused a moment, To bow their heads in prayer, And thanked God for HIS blessings On that first day of Thanksgiving.

— Jean M. Helferich

Well, here we are preparing for the holidays. When I think of Thanksgiving, I mean turkey. All the cooks in my family, male and female, do an excellent job roasting poultry, including my personal favorite, slow roasted turkey to perfection. This year, we are invited to Starla and Bruce May, in Carmel. I received several requests for different pies this year.

This year again, I have designed my own greeting cards in honor of the turkey and the pilgrims, with humor and an added message to spice them up. They are in the mail, always a blessing for this elder.

When I think of vacations, it reminds me of many turkeys we raised and processed in my childhood home. Of the different breeds, domestic and wild, that we kept, I preferred the broad-breasted white turkey. Vinaigrette like my mother used to make is still on my menu.

Today is our 65th wedding anniversary and I will be making an appointment with my health care provider. My blood pressure is very high. The medicine has been changed and modified. I still have too many headaches and other worries. Today, I hope she will reassure me.

I visited my dermatologist, Lawrence Mark, for my checkup. He found a reason to biopsy a lesion on my nose. I’m waiting to hear from the surgeon who will be taking care of the skin cancer. I would like to get rid of the Rudolph look before Christmas…

I’d rather talk turkey than complain, and I’d rather sing and dance than cry.

So maybe when I get back from the doctor’s visit; I’m gonna put a vinyl on the turntable and slow dance with my sailor boy, for old times sake. Like I said, it’s our anniversary!

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