‘Bitcoin’ Barkley Excited to Return to Bills and Talk Cryptocurrency on New Podcast | Buffalo Bills News | NFL


On the podcast, Barkley aims to connect with listeners who have some level of knowledge on the subject, but he said the podcast won’t be so technical that it becomes difficult to understand. He wants it to be educational.

“(There are) teaching moments, too, to maybe learn more about smart investing, or where people have gone wrong, so we can learn from our mistakes,” said Barkly. “It won’t be over the head of anyone who at least knows what’s going on or has heard of crypto.”

Critics of the cryptocurrency have pointed to fluctuating markets, varying environmental impact, and the potential for future regulations. Still, many NFL players have started getting into it, and Barkley believes alternative forms of investing are here to stay.

He acknowledges that athletes and artists might be more likely to invest, given an easy entry point from an “excessive amount of capital they would like to invest”. He likes to talk about it in the dressing room, even though there is a wide range of opinions.

“I’ve heard everything from ‘It’s not real, you can’t see it’ to ‘We’re going to the moon,'” Barkley said.

Barkley asked the teams if he could be paid in Bitcoin, but it was declined. NFL players cannot be paid directly in cryptocurrency, per the collective bargaining agreement.


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