Best Pull Out Garlic Bread Recipe


Family and friends will be scrambling to grab some of this buttered, parmesan-dusted garlic bread. This recipe makes two large loaves, which should (hopefully!) be enough to keep the peace. While store-bought or frozen pizza dough is a great hack for weekday garlic knots, an easy homemade dough makes this version wonderfully tender and light. Once the dough has risen, ask the children to help you divide it and shape it into balls. These are piled between layers of garlic butter and cheese, then baked in a loaf pan until beautifully golden brown. Serve with hot marinara for a trophy-worthy Super Bowl snack or to enhance the buns on your Thanksgiving table.

How do you know if the yeast is still active?

Even in sealed packets, yeast won’t last forever. If it doesn’t foam after five minutes in warm water, start again with new yeast.

Can you use all-purpose flour instead of bread flour?

Bread flour contains more protein and gluten than all-purpose flour. It gives breads, rolls and pizza crusts their strength and chewiness. You can use all-purpose flour in this recipe, but the bread will be a little softer and may have less swelling.

Is grated garlic stronger than minced?

The more the garlic is broken down, the stronger the flavor will be (chopped garlic is stronger than chopped and grated garlic is stronger than chopped). Here, the grated garlic melts into the butter – leaving no little bits that could burn during cooking – and gives the taste you expect from garlic bread. Use a microplane or the small holes of a grater box to grate easily!


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