Bake Off: GBBO Winner’s Banana Bread Recipe – Sophie Faldo



Banana bread, that containment staple, is a delicious, sweet, fruit-based treat. How can bakers take their banana bread to the next level?

Sophie Faldo, the 2017 Great British Bake Off winner, shared her pastry expertise with readers of

She recently discussed her chocolate cake recipe and the addition she claims “actually results in better cakes”.

Sophie also touched on the American staple, banana bread.

Banana Bread Recipe Tips

An important tip concerns the types of bananas you use for cooking.

“Use really ripe bananas… bananas with a lot of brown spots,” Sophie said.

Sophie continued, “This is a great way to use bananas that would otherwise go in the trash!”

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“I just use a little honey, maple syrup or sweetener in place of sugar and add protein powder and maybe some nuts.

“The texture and taste isn’t as good, but it’s a bit more nutritious and great for a snack between workouts.”

However, Sophie had a warning about the potential of banana bread to become a “healthy food”.

She added: “Don’t be fooled into thinking that banana bread is necessarily ‘healthy’.

“Adding bananas, nuts, etc. can make it even more caloric than a standard cake! “

What is banana bread?

Banana bread was popularized in the 1930s in the United States after baking soda and powder became staple foods in the American pantry.

This was about 60 years after the appearance of the banana in the United States.

It has been suggested that baking became a staple during the Great Depression in the United States, to find a way to use overripe bananas.

However, some believe it was made popular through marketing from baking soda and baking powder producers.

From one popular cake to another, also based on an addition to the best, the carrot cake.

Carrot cake is often served with cream cheese frosting, and it’s extremely popular, especially during the colder months.

Sophie claims it’s probably her favorite cake, and she explained how to perfect it.

It’s all in the dough, says the baking expert. “For the carrot cake, I use fairly moist pasta,” Sophie said.



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