Ali and Mariam Ansari talk careers and relationships


Sibling actors Ali Ansari and Mariam Ansari made headlines for their respective nuptials in January. The duo made an appearance on Time Out With Ahsan Khan and opened up about their soul mates, careers and relationships.

A shock to many, Ali shared that her marriage to Saboor Aly was completely arranged. “Saboor and I have worked together in the past and she always set me up with her friends instead. We had that friendly bond but never more,” Ali recalls. “Our sisters are the ones who hitched us up.”

“I was after Saboor for the last seven years. I constantly asked her to marry my brother, you know how friends gossip about personal life, but never paid attention to it, ”recalls Mariam. “On the set of the last drama we did together, I nudged Saboor again and this time Sajal [Aly] also stepped in, and look where we’re all at now. They are made for each other”

Mariam, meanwhile, got married to legendary cricketer Moin Khan’s son, Owais Khan, after being high school sweethearts. the Romeo marries Heer starlet had a funny story about how their stars aligned, making it a case of fate and fate.

Mariam was so wrapped up in showbiz and publicity projects in high school that she barely had time to focus on her studies. With his O-level grades filled with Us and Es, no college was ready to accept him. She found her way on probation through her friend’s connection.

They met on the first day of college when her husband Owais bullied her as one of the tattered seniors. Embarrassed, the Bunty i love you starlet decided to take revenge. Host Ahsan Khan jokingly said, “You got so serious about revenge that you ended up marrying her. It is now a cycle of revenge that lasts a lifetime.

Now that the couple think back on it, it’s nothing more than a fun anecdote about how low grades and a heartbreaking attempt brought the two together.

Ali confessed that he hasn’t gotten used to Saboor’s unconditional kindness yet. “I’m not used to it, but she’s so caring. She would go out of her way to make people happy and that’s the best thing about her,” he said.

Taking a slight joke at what Ali said, Ahsan turned to Mariam and teased her that only Saboor has been nice again. To which Mariam called their sibling bond “wild” rather than benevolent.

Ali added that they were role models for each other from the start. “I became an actor because of Mariam and she did animation and radio shows because of me. We inspired each other like that. Grateful to have a brother like Ali, Mariam shared: “We We’re siblings, but we’re also each other’s biggest critics while still being best friends.”

Interestingly, it was Mariam’s obsession with Hrithik Roshan that led her to choose acting as her profession. “I used to tie a dupatta by my bed and act like it was Hrithik Roshan and dance with it. One day my brother caught me and told my parents to do something about it. They were very supportive and became my drivers for every audition,” Mariam shared.

Since they’ve both been in this industry for quite some time, they talked about how acting can be a high-paying job, but it can’t be your bread and butter. “It’s project-based, almost freelancing, so it becomes difficult if you reach a shutdown stage without projects for a long time,” Ali retorted.

For budding young artists with no or limited financial backing, Ali advised, “Don’t put your eggs in one basket. There should always be multiple streams of income.

As for favorite projects, Mariam chose that of Nadeem Baig Dil Lagi with Humayun Saeed and Mehwish Hayat. “Every actor needs a finesse, a bit of polish in their craft and although I was berated a lot on set, I also learned a lot. They were all super accommodating and helpful, and that helped me a lot. made me think I made the right decision.”

On the other hand, Ali’s favorite project was Khaani where he only appeared in one episode. “I received so many messages despite my disappearance after the first episode and it only made me realize the true value of my work.”


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