A review of Payper Corleone’s “Fly Talk Only”


On ‘Fly Talk Only’, Payper Corleone offered bars that convey his intention to have it all. He flaunts his status in the Cosa Nostra food chain “I broke bread with the cork and the runners” he says. He wants everything like Tony Montana. The world is his and he doesn’t care who might try to stop him.

Grown men don’t mess with their looks. They wear the best costumes, they drive the best cars, and they enjoy the company of models. “Your fashion sense is embarrassing,” he said on ‘Fly Talk Only’ taking a look before naming the fall choice designers who continued in the drill ‘Dior N Gucci’ with 22K.

“Documents are seen by a smart lawyer”, says Corleone on the opening track showing that as a Don, he doesn’t mess with his money. He has a consiglier who makes sure the books add up and things are in order.

A Don must be gentle with the ladies. Combining his fearsome reputation with a calm and charming demeanor, a Don makes the ladies around him flock without breaking a sweat. Corleone exhibited this quality in ‘She rocks’ feat 7thWonda where he boasts of having the toughest women. The interpolation of the famous Pop Smoke line and melody “She likes the way I” allows Corleone to sink easily to a drilling pace that was at his mercy.

on ‘Ashluxe’ Corleone has used the luxury fashion label as a symbol of her lifestyle driven by an insatiable desire for success and the finer things in life. He associates with Ghetto P with whom he swapped bars over a simple upbeat rap track with sampled vocals that offered acoustic appeal.

Laser focused on his money that involves the daily dangers of the underworld, Corleone is not willing to compromise for love “Love is good but money is better” he said on “Mafia Wife” as he clearly says, he will not exchange life in the Cosa nostra for love. While he can rid himself of the ego trip offered by the voices of his exes, who is to say that a Don cannot take advantage of a certain vanity?

The album traveled through global hip hop bases touching the East Coast and London, and it even embodies the dynamics of Nigerian hip hop. In ‘For your love’ and ‘Sunmo Mi’, Corleone mixes Hip Hop and Pop while exploring romantic subject matter to create songs that will appeal to Nigerian consumers.

On “No Money, Just Vibes (NMJV)”, he used Nigerian pop culture to create a catchy hook that most Nigerians can relate to during Buhari’s time. While the chorus contrasts with the verse in which Corleone boasts of being a man of means, the smooth rhythmic flow elevates the song and makes it appealing to Nigerian listeners who have shown an appreciation for melodic infusion in rap.

The album travels to New York, home to the famous Five Families. It explores the British exercise where Corleone used several Pop Smoke interpolations. The Nigerian hip-hop scene was also represented to create a balanced work.

Corleone was able to select the right artist to feature on each track, which allowed him to successfully push the boundaries of his talent and increase the enjoyment of the album.

Globally, ‘Fly Talk Only’ is a great album which deliciously portrays the flamboyant life of a Don.

Writing, themes and delivery: 1.8/2

Appreciation and Satisfaction: 1.7/2


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